If you’re not familiar with the Asphalt series, simply put, it’s a road racing in locations across the world. Asphalt 3D is the eighth game to carry the series’ name, though it is not the eighth game in the main line of the series.

This being a racing game, the controls and handling are key to not only making the game playable, but also enjoyable. Bad controls can quickly ruin any game, Racing or otherwise.

Although I have a few gripes with the controls, they are mostly due to the system that this game was made for, the 3DS. Here the A button is used to accelerate, X to boost, and B to drift, and R to break. This is a very cramped playing style, using your right hand for all those controls. It quickly gets uncomfortable, clawing your finger at the R button, trying to break, and also when you try to hold down accelerate and boost at the same time.

The game does this cool neon-y thing when you activate a full boost bar

Controls aside however, the rest of the game makes up for this in keeping it enjoyable. The courses, such as Aspen, San Francisco, and Athens are all very beautiful for the 3DS, and the 3D effect works to a great extent for this game, and is probably one of my favorite games to play in 3D.

You can take out cars in a-la-Burnout fashion

The game also features a levelling system, after each race you gain XP that is used to level up and award you additional money aside from what you earn in the race. The money can be used to buy new cars, once you reach the level to unlock them, as well as upgrade the cars themselves. As such, it becomes a grindy game in that aspect. I was stuck on the first league for a while, until I got a new car that I could use.

If you’re looking for a racing game for your DS that isn’t Mario Kart, this is a good one to look into. It features real car manufacturers like Nissan, Ford, and Tesla. Asphalt 3D should provide you with some great fun.

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