Tetris 2 is….interesting.

It’s certainly not Tetris how you remember it, hell, even that tune that you know and love isn’t present in the game.

Instead of your usual Tetris of getting a complete row and getting rid of a line, it’s more akin to Dr. Mario, get three or more in a row of a color, and make the dots on the screen using tetrimonos.

I think it’s fair to say that Tetris 2 was inspired by Dr. Mario, I mean, it was released a full three years after Dr. Mario. And while Tetris 2 certainly isn’t bad, it doesn’t feel like Tetris.

Not only do you have your classic tetrimonos, you also have some very irregular designs, with squares that float off the sides of them. Once a tetrimono hits the bottom, or another piece, the dangling bits will fall and stack upon each other, as I said before, if you get three in a row of the same color, they will disappear.

Tetris 2 is certainly a tougher Tetris challenge, but like I said, it doesn’t feel like Tetris. It feels like Dr. Mario.

Still, I’d like to see Tetris 2’s gameplay make a return. Perhaps as an extra mode in Tetris 99 or something.

That would be cool.

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