Rock Band is a big part of my gaming endeavors, I often play hours on end a day playing it.

Recently, I’d acquired a Rock Band Guitar for 360, and also picked up a Legacy Adapter for the Xbox One. As such I wanted to make my otherwise boring Black guitar something that reflects my tastes in music and what I like to play in Rock Band.

I started by brainstorming, originally I wanted to paint the black part Blue, but that would require tearing apart the entire guitar, something I wasn’t entirely comfortable with. So I came up with the idea to simply use stickers, so I took to the internet for inspiration!

Here’s the image I ended up taking inspiration from. I ended up screenshotting it for some reason, but whatever. Here’s the source of inspiration, the guitar was decorated by Reddit user nnnnurrr.

Soon I realized with the vision I had I would have to pull apart the guitar anyways, as I would have to remove parts of the guitar to put stickers under the plate on the front. So I carefully took the controller apart, and disconnected some wires, careful to remember where they go to, and proceeded to sticker the hell out of it!

After I’d finished stickering it, I reassembled it….and it didn’t work. After freaking out for a good thirty minutes, it turned out I needed new batteries, but my problems didn’t end there. Later the Xbox button got stuck, so I had to disassemble it once more, but I managed to simply get it working once more, though the indicator light on the guitar no longer lights up. Although it’s annoying, the Legacy Adapter and Xbox 360 have lights on them that can show you that the controllers are connected, so that will work at least, as I’m a bit afraid and over opening up this controller.

I’m pretty happy with the finished result, and I ended up adding a bit of duct tape for the aesthetic, the vibes I get it are pretty Grunge/Punk.

Well, anyways, I’m back. In the coming week (hopefully) I hope to get my Pokemon Sword review out, so keep an eye out, if you’re interested in that!

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