A bit of a sequel to my ‘Cases, Cases, Cases!’ post. But this time we’re handling my Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance collection.

Lots of us that collect Gameboy games are familiar with the plastic cases we can hold them in, you know the ones. Clear and clamshell. I happened upon this storage solution when trying to find a way to store my games in a way that would be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. So as I do, I took to the internet!

Big shoutout to TopSpot123 for this one. I happened upon a video of his and was led to his blog for the template for inserts for the Gameboy Cartridge cases.

From there, it was astonishingly simple. Edit the labels in a photo editor, add some color, and finagle around with print settings, print, cut, and BAM, you have some pleasing mini game cases for the cartridges. If you want to see more of the details about the process, check out TopSpot123’s post.

A great thing about these inserts is they have spine labels, so they are easily identified on the side or viewed from above

Next game the problem of GBA carts. I actually contacted TopSpot on Twitter for this one. As such we figured out the Gameboy carts can hold one GBA cart. The process for making the labels are the same.

Next came some experimentation in affixing the labels to the cases. (It bothers me whenever I pull out the cartridge, the label likes to ride along too)

First Experiment: Spray on Adhesive.

Issues with this was that it’s EXTREMELY sticky, impossible to get off hands, and you have to commit to a placement, so there is no room for error. I ended up having to trash a failed attempt.

Second Experiment: Double-Sided Tape.

I ended up going with this one when I decided to affix my labels. The tape has a bit of wiggle so you can move it into place, and on most labels, is virtually invisible. However on darker colors it is more noticable, so at that point I threw in the towel and just decided not to affix those few.

Here’s the complete cased collection:

Again, I couldn’t have gotten anywhere without TopSpot’s videos. Go check his blog and YouTube channel out!

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