Fantavision opens with this:

A normal family having normal fun with virtual fireworks.

But do not let the age and happiness of these children fool you. I doubt they could possibly handle the challenging game that is Fantavision.

In Fantavision, your sole job is to explode fireworks in a spectacular show over a night city skyline. You do this by selecting three or more flares of the same color with your cursor, and exploding them using the ‘O’ button. The more flares you select, the bigger the combo, and the higher your score will climb.

However even as the first stage progresses, it gets more and more challenging. Not all of the flares launched at once will be of the same color, so you have to be quick to select the ones that are launched after. Otherwise if you fail to detonate the flares, they disappear and your life bar decreases.

Rainbow flares can be used in any combination, and star flares explode in a star formation, giving you more points.

The game also supports 2 player where you go against your friends seeing who can get the highest score.

Overall, Fantavision is fantastic fireworks, and fantastic fun, even with how challenging it likes to be, I wouldn’t mind picking it up and turning on my PS2 every so often just to mix things up a bit.


I left some things out! Oh no!

First up is the STARMINE, collect enough star-shaped flares to set this off, and rack up points.

Second. Fantavision was originally a tech demo to show off the power of the PlayStation 2, but later was turned into a full game and launched alongside the system, making it a neat little launch title.

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