FANTAVISION for Playstation 2

Fantavision opens with this: A normal family having normal fun with virtual fireworks. But do not let the age and happiness of these children fool you. I doubt they could possibly handle the challenging game that is Fantavision. In Fantavision, your sole job is to explode fireworks in a spectacular show over a night city […]

The Quest Continues: Wheel of Fortune for Nintendo 64 and PlayStation

“I’ll sPiN!” Here we are again, in part two of who knows how many, in my search for the best Wheel of Fortune video game adaptation out there. Here’s how this works. I’ll play one game (assuming I can win on the first try), on each games default or medium difficulty. I will judge each […]

Suzuki TT Superbikes for Playstation 2 – I can’t even

Just. I don’t. I…. Suzuki TT Superbikes is a game dedicated to one race and one race event only: The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy). It features several different courses taking place on the Isle of Man. Now that sounds all well and good, and I was ready to get myself into some fun […]

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