Customized Rock Band Guitar

Rock Band is a big part of my gaming endeavors, I often play hours on end a day playing it. Recently, I’d acquired a Rock Band Guitar for 360, and also picked up a Legacy Adapter for the Xbox One. As such I wanted to make my otherwise boring Black guitar something that reflects my […]

Guitar Hero Live: A Retrospective

Guitar Hero Live combined two of my favorite things: Rhythm Games and FMV. For those that don’t know what FMV is, FMV stands for Full Motion Video. Games like Night Trap, Double Switch, and Night Shift utilized FMV in their actual gameplay, where you would interact with seemingly the video itself. Other games may have […]

The Quest for The Best: Wheel of Fortune for Gameboy, Nintendo DS, and Xbox One

“Can I see R S T L N E on the board?” As a kid, I was always obssessed with America’s Game: Wheel of Fortune. I had several versions of the board game, from the classic 1990’s and 80’s versions found at a Thrift Store, to a Plug and Play game, and the version for […]

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