Cases, Cases, Cases!

I recently acquired a PS1 with a controller, memory card and 12 Games for 20 bucks!

Only problem?

The games had no cases.

So what do we do in this situation?

Well there are plenty of sites online, such as The Cover Project that have printable game covers, properly formatted for printing.

So thus began my quest.

I picked up some Jewel Cases at CVS for 10 bucks and prepared cover files through GIMP (for covers I found that were not formatted properly)

One of my dinner case outcomes, still need to find that greatest hits cover though

The files I made through GIMP came out a bit small, and as such on the spine side of the jewel cases, the label looks a bit janky.

Examples of Ill fitting jankyness!!!

For now though, they work for all intents and purposes.

It saves money, allowing you to buy games second hand for a cheaper price and print your own labels.

At some point I’m going to go back and reprint my PS1 covers so that they look a bit better.

Besides PS1 cases, I’ve printed art for an Xbox 360 game that looks very nice, and once I order some 3DS/DS cases I will have cover art for those.

My Xbox 360 outcome. Fun fact, that’s a Blockbuster case it is in!

Casing my games is an effort to make my Physical Game Collection more appealing to the eye and easy to organize.

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir – 3DS

I’m not too big a fan of the horror genre of video games. The few I do enjoy are titles such as Until Dawn, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and the Five Nights at Freddy’s series.

However I’d say that Spirit Camera is the first Horror game I’ve played, but not the first one I’ve completed. Believe it or not, it took me a staggering five years to beat the game, and it’s not even difficult, just merely a by-product of my incompetent gamer youth.

Spirit Camera is notable for being the only 3DS game (At least released in the US I believe) (besides the included Face Raiders and AR Games) to utilize AR functionality as the core of the game. (Kid Icarus Uprising had AR capabilities but it was not the focus of the game)

The game comes included with an AR booklet memoir that you use with the 3DS camera to conjure up and defeat the evil spirits inhabiting it.

The game is fairly straightforward, they instruct you to find certain pages in the book and use different lenses to reveal the spirits within. The combat involves taking a picture of the spirit by lining up two circles and shooting after circles surround the ring.

As for why this took me five years to beat?

I got stuck on the last level and lost the original booklet. Earlier this year I printed a new booklet and finally finished the game I started 5 years ago.

Overall Spirit Camera is a fun, if not novelty of a game.

Quantum of Solace – Nintendo DS

“Bond. James Bond.”
I’m a big James Bond fan, and there are four James Bond games for the DS, Quantum of Solace, Blood Stone, Goldeneye and Goldeneye Reloaded. So when I saw this game go on sale on E-Bay for 2 bucks, I had to have it.

And what I got is exactly what you think you would for $2.

First let’s look at the cover art. Activison had no originality here. it’s literally the same art as the posters and DVD cases for the movie. I mean, it looks cool, but it also looks boring.

Now let’s get into the gameplay.

The game is a top down/third person shooter. You move Bond by holding down the stylus on the area you want him to move to.

Oh, did I mention you have to hold the system sideways? Yep.

A top down shooter on the DS that you hold sideways. Great.

The ammo pickups are always in briefcases, not too interesting seeing the pickups are identical.

And did I mention the reload mechanism?

You think Bond would automatically reload, or you’d press a button to quickly reload your weapon


You have to go into you inventory, drag your ammo onto your equipped weapon, and hope you don’t die in the process.

My patience wore thin on this game for that one reason. Maybe if it had better overall reloading mechanics it would have a shot, but this Bond game is just another in the mess of poor DS games.

Speaking of poor games. I actually enjoy playing and collecting them, mostly for the idea that I can say I own the game, or to say I have this odd game. But hey, at least I play them so you don’t have to.

Welcome To Adventures in Gaming!


My name is Joseph, and I shall be your guide as I take you through my gaming collection as I build it and review games in my collection!

Here you’ll see updates on gaming hauls, general thoughts on events and happenings in the world of gaming, and game reviews.

I bet you’re wondering, what do I play?
I’m primarily a console gamer. I do play several games on PC (nothing fancy) and reviews for PC games will be few and far between.

What you will see will range for game reviews for the Playstation One to the Nintendo DS to the Xbox One to the Nintendo Switch. (That’s not all I own 😉 )

Aside from gaming articles, I’ll be dropping general life updates here and there should the pertain to the well being of this blog or my gaming collection (Maybe I pick up some shelves?)

Anyways, this is the start of a great journey, that I can’t wait to get going on!

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